Your quality of vision is our number one priority.

When it comes to eye care, we here at Fichman Eye Center, have a wide variety of certified opticians who are specialized in enhancing your eyesight for strength and clarity. With four locations around Connecticut, we are here to help with any visual needs and questions you may have.

We strive to provide the best quality vision with our optical boutiques at each facility that help you find the perfect eyewear or contact lenses to suit your lifestyle. With a variety of brands available, you can enhance your eyesight in style.

If you want to ditch the glasses and contact lenses altogether, we offer innovation of laser cataract surgery, which provides an accurate and successful procedure for vision excellence. This technology utilizes an advanced laser to deliver a precise incision for safety and care. You will be able to enjoy your enhanced eyesight without ever having to rely on the dependence of visual assistance again.

Whatever your visual needs, our friendly and professional staff are here to help you see. Contact one of our specialists today, to see how Fichman Eye Center can benefit you.

WDRC Interview with Dr. Richard Fichman